The Titans Awaken

Wolves, Spiders, Goblins and the death of a Reddoor

Hassan and Herve think that they notice something off about Mayor Otis Reddoor when they return from the Tomb of the Great King Horn.

Hassan is kidnapped that night and wakes in a cell where his companion is changing into a werewolf. The creature breaks free of the cell and runs off into the night.

The rest of the party looks for Hassan and investigates Mayor Reddoor. they learn that the Mayor left town yesterday evening and decide to investigate his farm. They arrive at the farm to see a fleeing wolf-man and Hassan climbing out of his cell.

In the basement of the Mayors barn they find gold and jewels stolen from the local shrine of Madriel and the two week old murdered body of the real Otis Reddoor.

They return to Fane, inform Even Reddoor of his brothers murder, and arm themselves to face a werewolf. (and loot the shop of the silversmith)

The party tracks the wolf into the Hornwood and finds an arrow ridden corpse of Trone the silversmith.

They then head north in search of the ratmen that stole King Horn’s crown. The lair of the ratmen is infested with spider-eye goblins that the party defeats, except for the queen who fleas. They learn that a ratman king with one red eye lead a raid on King Horn’s Tomb then disappeared with the crown.

Against the Skeletons

Herve, Hrutgar and Hassan destroy the maurading skeletons and the necromancer directing them. They meet the wraith of The Great King Horn and are tasked with finding his crown that was stolen by “the Forsaken known as Red Eye”.

The party returned to the village of Fane and found four corpses sat up against the city walls with the note written in a flowing Elven hand “for everyone of us the wolf kills we will kill one of you”.

They meet Halvor, a priest of Madriel, sent to Fane to investigate the slaying of the priest York who was torn limb from limb in his own church two weeks ago.


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